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S.T.S. self-adhesive labelling machines are made in stainless steel, made in Italy and marked by precision, reliability and easy maintenance  

S.T.S. Srl Etichettatrici produces automatic labelling machines for the application of adhesive labels.

As a result of twenty years experience in this industry sector, the company is able to provide the highest quality adhesive labelling machines. They are made entirely in Italy and are marked by precision, reliability and easy maintenance.  

manual labelingThe adhesive labelling machines are available as linear, rotating, semi-automatic and manual models, and are designed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.  

Their construction employs top quality materials and metals, using sophisticated electronic control systems, with DC stepper motors. This means the machines are able to achieve perfect labelling and packaging of products.

They are made of stainless steel, but some parts may be made of painted aluminium to resist scratching  and corrosion. The hourly throughput, depending on the type of machine used, varies from 1000 to 12000 bottles.

The particular feature of  S.T.S. machines is their ability to work with special forms or shapes of bottle, they are perfectly suited for use with all bottle shapes, including traditional bottles.  

They can apply the label, back label and neck collar to any type of container, whether cylindrical or shaped.  

Linear adhesive labelers

There are several models available, such as linear labeller S2/L, which is made up of two labelling stations with DC stepper motors - for the application of labels and back labels from two separate rolls.  

It is designed for the attachment of labels, back labels, neck collars, stickers, bezels, rear labels and notch centering, with custom brands. It can handle bottles varying from 60 to 110mm in diameter, with a throughput of 1500 b / h.  

It has the following options: S.T.S. cap dispenser synchronized to the machine cycle, with cork sensor function; a system for rolling or heatshrinking the cap; a pneumatic stamper for batch-data-vintage, thermo-printer, 200mm paper feeder, towing, reference, collection plate.  

Rotary adhesive labelers   

As for the previous labeller, there are various models. By way of example, let’s look at the rotary labeler model  S2T6/RI Compact. This is a labeller with a circular base that gives maximum accessibility for all adjustments, format changes and machine cleaning.  

The model S2T6/RI Compact has two labelling stations using a DC stepper motor, to apply the label and back label from  separate rolls.       The rotary motion is clockwise, the central carousel holds 6 bottles and corresponding heads close the bottles with pneumatic action, dual cam profile oil bath, screw thread with emergency stop devices, with central star and carousel, CE standard safety guards. It is also possible to adjust the height of the upper carousel, synchronizing the speed electronically.

It can handle bottles varying from 60 to 110mm in diameter with a throughput of 5000 b / h.

It has the following options:  lateral  notch centering; photocell to detect end of the roll; rotation is counter-clockwise, touch screen monitor, thermo-printer; additional station for double-sided adhesive D.O.C.G.; additional station for year bezel, rotary output table, diameter 800 mm; towing, referral, electronic  speed control with inverter.  

Semi-automatic labelling machines

The model S1/M is a labeler with a specific labelling station to apply a partial label, with wrapping, label and back label from the same roll. It is suitable for cylindrical bottles and jars.
It is adjustable for any bottle diameter, varying from 60 to110mm. Throughput is 1000 b / h.

It has the following options: additional equipment to apply labels to all sizes of panel; system with photocell to prevent a second application to a bottle already labelled; 200mm paper feeder,  tiltable roller for conical bottles, S.T.S. mechanical batch stamper.      

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