Spazzolificio Luper
Spazzolificio Luper

Corso Novara, 135
27029 - Vigevano (PV) Italy

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Luper shoe buffing wheels and leather working tools are part of a wide range of products to suit all needs.

Articles for shoemakers

Luper s.n.c.'s activity  was started  by Luciano and Giuseppina Persendi in 1973.The company soon established its position in the shoe sector specializing in shoe buffing wheels for footwear finishing. The company has always used high-quality materials for the production of its long-lasting and resistant products.

The company proposes the following shoe buffing wheels:

  • Extra strong fabrics and cloth brushes - suitable for abrading and polishing leather soles and heels with abrasive covering and staining waxes
  • Pure stiff animal hair brushes - designed to buffer and polish leather and masonite heels using abrasive covering and staining waxes.
  • Scottish wool brushes, Military soft wool and Welsh wool brushes - suitable for polishing soles and heels with abrasive wax
  • Skein wool brushes, Colored twisted wool brushes - suitable for polishing heels, uppers and soles with carnauba wax; can be used with creams and sprays to make heels bright.
  • Super double horsehair brushes - suitable for dusting leather, polishing shoes with carnauba wax and creams; the rank version may  be used for polishing leather heels with abrasive and carnauba wax.
  • Converging and glue-cleaner brushes - ideal for cleaning glue residues on leather uppers and sole edges.

In 1981 the company's production range enlarged to include a vast assortment of Norton and Carbo-Schröder abrasive products, chemicals by Kenda Farben, Girba and Meltonian, Essebi thermoplastic adhesives,  La Mondiale-Due Leoni and Mondialpuntenails, along with all types of shoemaking tools and products.

Yarns for footwear

Recently the company has included in its range of products: supplies for seaming companies; products for shoe upper producers; products for sewing and assembling moccasins with Barbour, Coats and Serafil yarns; Ykk laces and zips; elastic tapes, metal fittings, buckles, eyelets and buttons for satisfying all the needs of the shoe and leather industries.

In fact in 2009 Luper expanded its activities, having all the necessary products for resoling and repairing footwear and leather goods.  At Luper it is possible to find the most prestigious brands of soles, half soles, sheets of various materials, heels, repairing glue, insoles, leather, skins and the most necessary and essential accessories for repairs.

The experience gained through the years allows the company to make shipments throughout Italy and worldwide.

With a large warehouse, the company is able to offer products and articles for shoemakers that can meet any need with fast and accurate delivery. The company's catalogue includes:

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