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The shoe bottoms and soles made by  Gomma are 100% Italian products for the men’s, women’s and children’s shoe sectors

Silga Gomma is an historical brand in the shoe sector: it is known for its rubber bottoms and soles for men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes. Its products are 100% Italian: recognized Italian style.

The rubber soles are a global reference point in the field; in fact, they can be found throughout Italy and around the world. They are also used for sports footwear, due to the moulding process that is able to implement all of the principal characteristics that a sole must have for a particular use.

Bottoms and soles

The rubber soles are flexible, high performing, and strong. They are high technology products and may be single colour or bi-colour, thanks to the machines that function with double injection.

Silga Gomma is always attentive to innovative, technological solutions to optimize and improve its products, shoe bottoms and soles, thus guaranteeing quality and respect for the environment.

Rubber shoe bottoms

These are utilized by the finest shoe brands: in fact, Silga Gomma collaborates with the most famous names to allow for the creation of the highest quality footwear that unites the characteristics of each brand with shoes bottoms from Silga Gomma.
Minimum quantity: 500 pair.

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