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Vegetable seeders by Agricola Italiana

Agricola Italiana was born as an independent company that over time, through economic investment and investment in human resources, became not only a general partnership but was also able to position its innovative seed drills on the market.

Today the company is a leader in the agriculture industry with a wide range of vegetable seed drills and grain drills for sowing in a greenhouse or open field, over any sized plot of land.

Seed drills

SeedersThe versatility of Agricola Italiana’s seed drills lies in the fact that they can be made to measure, according to the client’s needs.
Thirty years of experience, combined with the most modern technologies is tangible across the company’s entire production range.

Advanced CAD-CAM design systems are used in the design and construction, and also in the simulation and assembly of every single component. The work takes place inside the company to guarantee continuity, reliability and precision in production.

The equipment and machines are the result of extensive research. The company has four work centres for the production of die-cast bodies and disks that form part of the seed drills.
The company’s objective is to continuously improve the seed drills and their components.

The seed drills are divided into:

  • Pneumatic
  • Self-propelled mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Self-propelled


For the sowing of vegetables that need to be in rows, such as valerian, chard, lettuce etc. They have four distributors with six exit points, for a total of 24 rows of sowing over a 1mt segment  of land. All elements can be custom-made.   

PNEUMATIC VEGETABLE SEED DRILLS SN-1-130, SN-2-130, SN-3-130, AI-640 SN and AI-640 SNT

Agricola Italiana’s pneumatic precision seed drills use a system of suction and compression, for a complete cleaning of the seed holes in the disk. The disk turns in the opposite direction of travel from the machines, guaranteeing maximum precision in seed placement.  A Norton gear system simplifies and speeds up the process. All sowing units are equipped with upper and lower mechanisms to ensure accurate selection and with four sprockets for the rotation of the disc.
The vegetable seed drills are multifunction machines that can be used for single rows of all types of vegetable. The sowing elements vary depending on use and type of seed  and run along the frame to regulate the distance between rows. 

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