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Industrial tomato seeds from Unigen Seeds, brand of reference: a vast range of quality seeds

SeedUnigen Seeds is the brand of the company, United Genetics: it is the brand of reference in the market for industrial tomato seeds . It is a complete range of tomato types utilized by all of the companies involved in the industry of processing tomatoes.

The seeds of industrially-produced tomatoes are the result of genetic research undertaken to unite productivity in the fields with industrial processing: these are seeds of excellent quality that guarantee a vast yield.

The seeds for industrially-produced tomatoes are registered products; assistance is guaranteed by technicians and local representatives for the best cultivation techniques to use according to the type of seeds.

They may be divided according to use. In fact, in the catalogue, the following types are available: hybrids for chopped tomatoes and concentrates; seeds for middle and late harvests; elongated hybrids for peeled tomatoes.

Seeds for chopped tomatoes and concentrates

These are hybrids developed specifically for the transformation of tomatoes into chopped or concentrated form; there are twelve types of hybrids available.

Red Canner, for example, is a very early hybrid suitable for early transplants due to its great fertility and proven ability to set. A high quality hybrid, it allows for production of tomatoes with an average weight of 65-70g, of excellent colour, thickness, firmness and resistance to over-ripening.

Hypack, on the other hand, is a medium-early tomato that adapts optimally to high temperatures. The plant is of medium vigor and ensures good coverage and abundant fruit set. The tomatoes weigh an average of 75-80g, and have a rounded-square shape, optimal pulp thickness and good simultaneous maturation.

Seeds for medium to late-harvested tomatoes

These are hybrids suitable for medium to late harvests. There are six types of seeds. Following are some examples:

UG3002 is a medium-cycle hybrid characterized by very high fertility, optimal resistance, and good organoleptic qualities. The tomatoes that derive from these seeds are an intense, brilliant red, resistant to over ripening, and weigh 60g.

UG 13306 is a medium-late hybrid suitable even for exhausted terrain: it has good fruit setting capacity and guarantees very high yield. The tomatoes are square in shape, very thick, have a high lycopene content, and weigh 70-75g.

Unigen Seeds also proposed a series of seeds suitable for the production of tomatoes for the fresh tomato market, as well as asparagus, artichokes, onions, eggplant, zucchini, all types of peppers, melon, and watermelon destined for the production of the 4th range (that is for the production of ready-to-eat fruit salads and diced fruit).

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