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Scam Beach Cleaning Equipment: guarantee of a brilliant work on your beach!

SCAM Srl, based in Forlì, is a leader manufacturer of beach cleaning machines.


100% Made in Italy, all our machines are designed and manufactured with care and attention by an expert and qualified staff, and exported all over the world for over 20 years.

The current range consists of 6 beach cleaners, three self-propelled (Ondina – Cavalluccio - Scorpion) and three to be towed by 4WD tractors (Pinguino - MarlinB - Big Marlin). All these models are able to perform an excellent and effective cleaning of the beaches thanks to the "vibrating screen" system.

SCAM beach cleaning machines have interchangeable screens (Mesh sizes 3-5-8-12-20 mm.) and clean down deep in the sand, even if humid or wet, removing all kind of debris like shells, cigarette butts, bottles, caps, cans, glass, stones, brushwoods etc..

Flagships of our range are:

Walk behind machines Cavalluccio

Our most famous beach cleaner is the self-propelled Cavalluccio machine, even chosen by the major world manufacturers of large beach cleaning machines, to complete and integrate their range. Cavalluccio", turned out to be the only really effective machine for the removal of oil residuals as a result of ecological disasters occurred in the last decades off the coasts of France, Spain and the Gulf of Mexico.

Towed Beach Cleaning Machines Big Marlin e Marlin B

The "Big-Marlin" machine towed by 4WD tractors, is unique for its technical characteristics as well as quality / performance / price ratio. Able to sift down to a depth of 20-25 cm. and for a width of 190 cm. completely separating the sand from any type of debris that, collected in a large container, are lifted and unloaded up to 2 meters from the ground.

Self-propelled Beach Cleaning Ondina

The right machine for any sandy areas such as golf courses, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts; the working capacity is variable as well as the depth is adjustable by the operator, even while working.

Towed Beach Cleaning Machine Pinguino

Towed by 4WD tractors, equipped with a hydraulic lift; its working depth is adjustable and is complete with a vibrating screen system, effective to clean the sand from any type of debris.

Walk Behind Machine Scorpion

Scorpion is our latest model, a renovating in design and technology of the Cavalluccio machine. More powerful engine, bigger screen, larger capacity and wider cleaning width keeping relatively small size.


Towed equipment that allows to remove waste and move the sand, preparing it for a later perfect work with the beach cleaning machine.

All the equipment manufactured by SCAM Srl meets the CE safety regulations

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