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The cork for footwear by Sace Components Srl is characterized by excellent value for  money; these are cork blocks for wedges, clogs, insoles and soles.

SACE is a brand of Sace Components Srl, specializing for over 35 years in the manufacture of natural and coupled cork imported from Portugal and Algeria. The company is strongly committed to customer satisfaction, that is why the quality of cork products in relation to the price is essential.

The leadership position gained by Sace Components Srl is evidenced by the exclusive contract signed with the Corticeria Amorim, a world leader in cork production, for the sales distribution of agglomerated cork products for the footwear industry in Italy.  

Footwear Division: is the unit specialized in the production and marketing of products and semi-finished cork for footwear.

Sace Fashion & Style

Only CE certified raw materials are used to produce cork for footwear; used also to make natural footwear.

Some examples:

Footwear manufacturing

Plexiglass heels

Stones and studs for footwear

Cork blocks for footwear

The Footwear division manufactures and markets footwear components and accessories in cork and other substitute materials (like leather, bonded leather, synthetic leather, etc..) intended for the Italian and foreign footwear market.
Cork blocks of different sizes are used and are available in many colors and patterns. In fact, thanks to internal modeling, Sace Components is able to offer new products every year; furthermore,  the company can work with shoe manufacturers and designers to meet specific needs.
Cork blocks for footwear, whether natural cork or agglomerated cork, are particularly useful for making wedges, clogs, insoles and soles. They can be worked manually or by numerical control machines. The high quality of the cork also makes it particularly suitable for producing fashion articles for a demanding market.

Sole manufacturing

Slabs of natural cork are used to produce soles; they are available in different formats to satisfy all needs. They are intended for heel and shoe factories and other workmanship in the field of handicraft items.
The slabs of natural cork for producing  soles are available in different sizes compliant with the various numbers;  they can be worked by hand to obtain various blocks from which to obtain the final sole.  

Insole manufacturing

Both natural and agglomerate cork is used to produce insoles. This too is available in different sizes and is particularly suitable for making summer shoes and sandals. It is also available with sewing and embroidery.
Cork insoles made in this manner can be assembled with soles made of different materials and uppers to make sandals and slippers.
Combined cork with support in cellulose material is also used.

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