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Mixer taps and single lever mixer taps made by Rubinetteria Paffoni Spa represent a 100% Italian product, excellent value for money.

Made entirely in Italy, using only materials Made in Italy. These are products with high value for money and with very short delivery times.

Thermostatic mixer taps and single lever mixer taps are distributed both in Italy, through direct retailers and company representatives,  and on the foreign market; made of chrome plated brass.

The company has known how to respond well to the needs of the market through its planning capability and an investment in research, design and technology for the realization of its mixer taps for washbasin, shower and bathtub.

Stainless steel shower column with thermostatic shower mixer

Thermostatic Shower mixer taps

Wash basin mixer without pop up waste Light

For maximum safety and comfort, the mixer tap is an essential component of every shower. 

Allows you to set the water temperature and maintain it for the entire duration of the shower.

The internal thermostat regulates the water supply to the shower in a split second if the temperature or pressure changes, for example, while someone else in the house is  using a different outlet or flushing the toilet.

Thermostatic mixer taps are provided with an advanced integrated safety function to prevent the temperature from  exceeding 38°C. 

Many models are also equipped with a diverter valve to switch from one shower output to another.

  • Recessed mixer taps: The body of the mixer tap is installed in the wall behind the tiles and only plaque and lever are visible for a clean, contemporary look.
  • External mixer taps: These only require the installation of the external body and the direct connection to the shower hose.

Chrome-plated mixer taps


Wash basin mixerThe Ringo line of bathroom mixer taps are characterized by their simplicity and the fact that they can be adapted for use in any bathroom environment due to their clean and natural-looking shape. The details are meticulously maintained to leave space also for functionality and thus amplifying their sense of elegance and modernity.   

For example from this series, the following items stand out – a concealed shower mixer tap with or without automatic diverter; bath-deck mounted mixer tap with pull-out hand shower, spout and diverter; extended wash basin mixer tap; concealed wash basin mixer tap kit; bidet mixer tap with pop-up discharge.

Single lever mixer taps are utilized for wash basins, bidets, bathtubs and showers. They are also produced in concealed and supported versions. Completing the range of bathroom mixer taps are the bath-deck accessories and shower kits.


The bathroom mixer taps from the Sly line are instead characterized by their elegant and harmonious forms. This collection is also perfectly adaptable and accessible to a variety of different contexts within the bathroom environment.

From within this series, there is a bath/shower mixer tap with or without shower kit;  wash basin and bidet mixer taps with pop-up discharge of 1" 1/4; and a wall-mounted shower mixer with 1/2" connection without shower kit.

Among the various products evidenced, single lever mixer tap for:

  • External bath with or without duplex
  • Automatic basin and bidet drainage 1"1/4
  • External bath with duplex fixed resting support ABS
  • Extended basin automatic drainage 1"1/4

Rubinetteria Paffoni Spa therefore, the best partner for the quality faucet market.

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