INCA Spa - Riempimento
INCA Spa - Riempimento

Via per Domo, 18
21010 - Porto Valtravaglia (VA) Italy

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Inca cosmetics filling: a full-service cosmetics service distinguished by professionalism and maximum quality

Inca is an Italian company specialized packaging of cosmetics and the formulation and filling of cosmetics and makeup products, in particular lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms, mascara and foundation.

Заполните блеск для губ

Inca offers a full-service cosmetics service carried out thanks to a department of professionals who are specialized in cosmetics and makeup formulation and filling.

The company has equipment for the internal production of the bulk product, soft-mould fill, semi-automatic and manual fill, as well as nail polish filling, compact powders, and the final packaging.

Inca – production

The production zone occupies 3000 sq. metres and includes the finest equipment and machines capable of satisfying all production needs. These are machines with high production capacities and high technology, able to realize and offer a product of impeccable quality.

Inca – Research & Development for quality

Thanks to a modern research and development laboratory, Inca continually proposes new formulations that respond to clients’ needs and studies innovative products to launch on the market. 

Inca also offers a cosmetics filling service for third parties, for all makeup items including nail polish and compact powders.

As a further guarantee of quality and safety, Inca has certified its business management system for quality in accordance with UNI-ISO 9001-2008.

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