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Post boxes by Ravasi Srl: secure and reliable; produced to last over time.

Post boxesRavasi Srl has been producing post boxes, entirely Made in Italy, for over 50 years since 1957 and has always ensured high quality craftmanship and finishes in every order. The 30,000 mailboxes sold per year are proof of a product and company that stands out from the rest.

Ravasi produces post boxes for apartment buildings, for private dwellings, public buildings, gyms, banks, offices, hospitals and building associations. The production includes:

  • safety boxes and storage boxes
  • modular cabinets for gyms
  • accessories

As a medium to high level product in terms of quality and performance, the mailboxes by Ravasi can be divided into specific product categories:

  • Post boxes for internal and external use
  • Mailboxes in wood for historic buildings, period homes and restorations of prestigious dwellings
  • Boxes and cabinets for safekeeping, storage, storage of small valuable objects (lockers)  for gyms

From the classic product lines in wood to the more sober lines of phenolic plywood, shaped or aluminum-coated (available in all RAL colors), the mailboxes and postboxes are customized to suit the style of the building or the place of destination. They can be freestanding, hung on walls or built-in.

Apartment post boxes

The apartment mailboxes produced by Ravasi possess DIN certification. The finishings and colors can be customized along with the method of installation:

  • Mailboxes in aluminum, lacquered
  • built into the wall
  • attached to the wall

The post boxes for exteriors have an aluminum door, security lock and slot flap. Coatings, edges, profiles and top are all made from thick aluminum.
Finishings in silver, bronze or walnut are available on request in all RAL colors. They can be double-sided for the posting and retrieval of mail from opposite sides or with a frontal opening. For external ambients individual post boxes are also available, from built-in to double or single openings.

The post boxes for interiors to be fixed to walls or built-in have various prestigious finishing options and can be designed for holding magazines, with a traditional or drop-down  opening motion on request .

Free-standing post boxes for interiors with stands are also available and are aesthetically refined. The structure remains in bi-laminate and the external finishing can be in walnut, silver or lacquered in any color, while the door is made in smoke PMMA.  

Post Boxes Linea Classic

Linea Classic features post boxes in wood for mail destined for prestigious apartment buildings which are looking for a coherent and elegant piece of furnishing. They can be built into a wall and are made with plywood and finished in walnut both on the interior and exterior facings.

- Height 110mm
- Width 370mm  
- Depth  235mm
- Frame edging  (for recess) 27/15mm
- Perimeter edges 18mm

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