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Pucciplast Spa

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Toilet flush tanks By Pucciplast, 100% Made in Italy: Water saving, functionality, durability

For over 50 years Pucciplast has been a leading company in the production of flush tanks for toilets.

Established in 1948, Pucciplast Srl has become a point of reference for the production of flushing systems and WC flush tanks, thanks to the support of the company's founder Mr Dorino Marabese and the Managing Director Mr Piero Massetta,

The longevity of the company is evidence of its reliability, competence and absolute leadership. Pucciplast products are 100% Made in Italy. The entire production process is undertaken internally.

Toilet flush tanks

The company's range is as follows:

  • Flush tanks, toilet flush tanks
  • Built in flush tanks, external flush tanks, flush tanks for brick walls
  • Toilet flush tanks for public premises
  • Flush tanks with pneumatic push button
  • Copper flush tanks

All of the flush tanks and toilet flush tanks are characterized by innovation, investment in research and by the maximum attention to the needs of both professionals and the public.

Pucciplast Srl has always designed products to fill gaps in the market which need to be filled. 

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Toilet flush tanks: Montaggio Rapido

This is one of the most innovative solutions presented by Pucciplast, welcomed by both professionals and the public.

It is a suspended framework, an all-in-one structure with a pre-fitted cistern, that is supplied pre-assembled and therefore greatly reduces the time required to install it and any eventual difficulties.

Flush tanks: Eco and Sara

The eco Pucci model is a built-in flush tank which reduces water waste: it is equipped with a dual flush system which uses only the necessary quantity of water, thus reducing the water used by 50%.

Pucciplast is a company which is very attentive when it comes to saving water. The attention given  to new technologies and to the protection of freshwater sources represents a fundamental part of the company’s philosophy and mission.

In 2011, in order to better satisfy market demand, Pucci opted for innovation. The latest ECO and SARA models are in fact provided with a reduced door. As a result, the new flush tanks are fitted exclusively with smaller push plates.

The new push plates by Pucci are smaller, more compact and elegant and can be installed in any type of bathroom having an optimal aesthetic effect. In addition to the base colors of white, chrome and chrome-brushed finish, the push plates are available, in request, in numerous colors.

They offer greater freedom of choice and guarantee the traditional qualities of Pucci: functionality in tune with the cistern, soft touch option and durability.

All of the products by Pucciplast feature the most advanced technological aspects and ensure durability over time and ease of installation, features which are unrivaled on the market.

Pucciplast was the first company to produce built-in flush tanks and today is consolidated as a market leader; advanced both in terms of the technology used and organizational capacities.

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