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Pastry Holders, Cake Boxes by Bombonette:  Packaging Solutions for Confectionery Products

Bombonette is a leading packaging company for the confectionery sector. The company designs and produces pastry holders, cake boxes and packaging solutions for confectionery products in corrugated cardboard.

The original inspiration behind setting up the company combined two ideas: to revolutionize the concept of packaging and to use corrugated cardboard (previously used only for industrial packaging) for new and different purposes.

Pastry Holders, Cake Boxes by Bombonette

Bombonette’s highly innovative products

Bombonette’s highly innovative products make packaging a distinctive asset with the ability to differentiate any product.

Bombonette products are designed to make wrapping easy and quick, guaranteeing added value for the product and distinction within the market.

The company’s first product, the patented registered TM Bombonette pastry holder, completely revolutionized the world of confectionery packaging by making it possible to package pastries at a speed which was previously unthinkable.

Pastry holders, cake boxes and packaging solutions for confectionery products

The company has now extended its range of products to other sectors: ice-cream parlours, chocolate shops, patisseries, bakeries and delicatessens.

The product range includes round cake boards, trays, paper bags, Chocolate egg boxes, ice-cream tubs, “cannoli” pastry boxes and many other packaging solutions.

All products are made of micro-corrugated cardboard decorated using water-based dyes to guarantee sturdiness, rigidity and compatibility with food packaging.

Bombonette's production

  • Pastry holders
  • Thermal insulated cake boxes
  • Packaging solutions for confectionery products
  • Pastry trays
  • Paper wrapping and single-portion cake bases for patisseries and ice-cream parlours
  • Round cake boards
  • Panettone boxes
  • Chocolate egg boxes, pastry boxes for traditional Italian cakes eg. cannoli, cassata, pastiera
  • Ice-cream tubs
  • Carrier bags for ice-cream parlours and paper bags for confectionery packaging

The Bombonette family of products also includes accessories for the confectionery sector, such as paper pastry cases, one or two-ply paper napkins, ribbons for wrapping, adhesive labels for sealing packages, placemats and round single-portion cake boards.

Bombonette srl has always used Swedish pure cellulose corrugated cardboard, which is certified and demonstrated to be hygienic and fully compatible with food packaging.

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