Pagani Imballaggi
Pagani Imballaggi

Via Morandi, 32
21047 - Saronno (VA) Italy

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The bagging scales presented by Pagani Imballaggi are long-lasting technologically advanced products.

Pagani Imballaggi has been working for 30 years in the sector of wrapping, filling and dosing solutions for granules, powder and pellets.

All of the technical details are controlled by the company, including research works for the achievement of the best solutions and machinery installation.

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The company's flagship products are the following:

  • Bagging scales
  • Case palletizers
  • Electronic bagging scales, Bagging scales for pellet
  • Open mouth bag scale, bagging scales for valve bags
  • Bag heat sealers
  • Case palletizers, bag palletizers
  • Palletizing equipment
  • Stretch wrapping robot, robotic pallet wrappers
  • Industrial paper bags, polyethylene bags
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pallet shrink wrap machines
  • Bag sealers
  • Heat sealers for bags
  • Wrapping machines, case palletizers

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The company's range includes standard and custom-designed models, as well as semiautomatic and fully automatic versions

The company's machines include: bagging scales, heat sealers, big-bag systems, automatic bagging machines, case palletizers, conveying systems, bag sealers, wrapping machines, robotic pallet wrappers, manual shrink wrap machines, pallet shrink wrap machines, packaging materials and much more.

Material and machines are always in stock at Pagani Imballaggi. In addition, the company offers the chance to view its products either at its showroom, or by presenting their portfolio directly to the client at their offices.  

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