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Controlled demolition, demolition expansive mortar presented by Non-Explo Italia

Non-Explo Italia Srl has been operating in the construction industry for more than 20 years, selling innovative products to construction companies, such as non-explosive demolition systems.

Controlled demolition

Founded in 1984, Non-Explo Italia srl is now a leader in the national and international market for this sector.

  • Demolition expansive mortar
  • Non explosive rock breaking cartridges
  • Demolition solutions for quarries and mines
  • Reinforced concrete breaking systems
  • Expansive liquids for rock breaking
  • Tunnel demolition systems

Contact us at +39 (0)732 619172  (phone)
or 333 5663259 (mobile phone)
338 2970000 (Mr. Paolo Pastuglia)

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Controlled Demolition Systems: cartridges

Non-Explo Italia technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound. Non-Explo Italia cartridges use patented technology that increases the efficiency of breakage. Non-Explo Italia cartridges break rock and concrete with minimal vibration and noise and are available in the following diameters: 12 mm, 28 mm, 34 mm and 60 mm, with loads from 2 to 500 g.

Expansive mortars for demolition: Bristar - Break-in

Bristar Break-in is a non-explosive demolition agent that demolishes concrete and rock without producing noise, environmental pollution or vibration. It also guarantees the utmost safety during demolition. The rock is shattered due to the product expanding in volume during the consolidation phase. In this way, demolition can be carried out in complete safety. Bristar Break-in is not an explosive and delivers good results in complete safety, as well as being extremely easy to use.
Bristar Break-in is a powder, similar to ready-to-use cement.
Bristar Break-in mortars are designed for demolition needs in quarries, mines, and especially in urban areas as they guarantee safety, no noise and no debris launches. 

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