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Newtec Labelling: reliable and cost-effective Italian labelling machines.

Newtec Labelling Srl is an Italian company specialized in the construction of automatic labelling machines. These machines are designed for the application of labels on containers of different shapes, whether they be cylindrical, conical, oval, square, rectangular-based. Even special shapes can easily be handled, thanks to the employment of the latest technologies available.

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Newtec Labelling boasts a wide range of products: linear and rotary machines can be equipped with Cold Glue, Hot Melt, or Self-adhesive application technologies. Each machine is tailor-designed in order to meet the customer’s needs in terms of productivity and container typology.

In 2017, Newtec Labelling introduced Panther, a modular labeller that allows to combine different labelling solutions in an unprecedented way. The new model features cutting edge solutions such as Brushless-driven plates, optical orientation, a quality control system and ethernet connectivity.

Labeller Panther

Thanks to their versatility and reliability, Newtec Labelling machines are successfully employed in different sectors, such as beverage, wine, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. They are the product of long experience in the field and of constant technological improvement, directly inspired from the day-to-day relationship with the customer.

Designed to guarantee high production rates, precise applications, and low operating costs, Newtec Labelling machines are completely Made in Italy with top quality materials and guarantee the best value for money.

Direct technical assistance and spare parts service are an essential part of Newtec Labelling customer care.

Newtec Labelling Orientation System

In 2017 Newtec Labelling Srl introduced a new cutting-edge orientation system. This features a single fixed camera at the inlet section, fitted with a beamer. The containers enter the machine and roll in front of the camera, which detects the spot where the label will be applied. Thanks to the dedicated software, specifically developed by the Newtec labelling technical department, the servo system, which features Brushless servomotors, orientates the containers as they flow through the machine, making a perfect application possible.

This system represents a major step forward in the optical orientation territory. Furthermore, its fixed position makes it practically unaffected by the alterations caused by movement and vibrations – a solution that goes to the benefit of the overall reliability and quality. User-friendliness and practicality are ensured by the possibility of managing the camera remotely.

Thanks to these innovations, the new orientation system is suitable for the detection and orientation of a great variety of features, including:
- Printed spots;
- Logotypes;
- Special container shapes;
- Existing labels;
- Handles;
- Bottle mold seam.

Orientation System - video

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