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The digital mosaics in resin made by Mosaico Digitale are the only ones that can cover any shape and size of surface, for both interiors and exteriors

The digital mosaics in resin, presented at Made Expo in Milan, are a technological evolution of the classic mosaic. They represent a new trend in art, a combination of photography, painting and mosaic.

Digital mosaics in resinThese digital mosaics can be used to cover surfaces of any shape and size and there are no rules regarding shape or colour. They are 100% customizable: they give free rein to the imagination of architects and designers, combining aesthetic solutions with practicality and ease of application.

They are also very light and only 2mm thick. The digital mosaics are also easy to lay.

The digital mosaics also take on the role of sound panels: thanks to their sound reflecting properties they can turn a room into a magical sound field. They are ideal solutions for anyone who needs to sonorize any kind of environment.

How are resin digital mosaics made?

The process is very simple: you start with a digital image selected by the customer and processed using an exclusive software and a technological process that allows you to break down the original digital image.

The digital mosaic is created on a resin film on which the original digital image is printed. Each tile, even ones that are irregular in shape and size, is carefully numbered to make it quick and easy for the installers to lay the mosaic correctly. The distance of the tiles can be changed.

The advantage of using digital mosaics in resin is that they can be adapted to any type of support, whether curved or angular. They can be laid in all situations where traditional mosaic cannot.

The resin digital mosaics can be embellished with Swarovski products, gold, coffee, decorative stones and minerals.

Who are the resin digital mosaics designed for?

These products are ideal for decorating and furnishing hotel lobbies, banquet rooms, swimming pools, reception areas, churches and bathrooms.

They can be used both inside and outside, because UV rays do not damage the surface colouring. They guarantee total product versatility and complete reliability of the materials under any conditions. 

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