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Moro Minuterie Srl

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35129 - Padova (PD) Italy

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The shoe hooks and hooks for leather goods made by Moro Minuterie Srl are part of a wide range of high quality metal and brass fittings

Forty years of manufacturing small parts MoroMoro Minueterie Srl is a company that works in the leather goods and footwear sector and produces shoe hooks and hooks for leather goods: a wide range of metal and brass fittings for footwear, leather goods and clothing.


The company was founded in 1974 and, thanks to their constant commitment and technological improvement, they have gained an important position in the market. All of the metal fittings are produced using high quality materials and using rustproof alloys and galvanized finishings. Cutting edge equipment and production systems are used by the company.

Moro Minuterie products are therefore the result of forty years of experience, extensive experience in the design and supply of equipment that makes each piece unique.

Cutting edge equipment and production systems allow the company to reach the potential and quality required to satisfy even the most demanding markets. What is more, the simplicity of the products means that they can be adapted to any kind of clothing and provide an extremely elegant finishing touch.

Metal and brass hooks for shoes and leather goods

The shoe hooks and hooks for leather goods, for example, are made of iron or brass and are available in different shapes and sizes, such as rings, lace loops and lace locks.
These products are easy to use, fully customizable and quick to assemble; they are suitable for fitting on leather, lined leather, natural and synthetic fabrics.  

Metal fittings for shoes, leather goods and clothing

As part of their range of metal fittings, Moro also offers: iron buttonholes, brass buttonholes, aluminium buttonholes, piercing rivets, double rivets, snap fasteners, jeans buttons and metal buckles.
The metal fittings for footwear, leather goods and clothing are produced in accordance with the most important international legislation and guarantee high quality standards.

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