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The magnetic fasteners for leather goods from MLM are made in iron and brass, 100% Made in Italy, and may be personalized

Magnetic fasteners for leather goods are part of the collection of metallic accessories produced by MLM di Mazzola Luigi &C. s.n.c.

The company's experience guarantees products of the highest quality and fast delivery times;  these two characteristics position MLM not only as a company that produces closing mechanisms and studs of impeccable quality, but also as one that supplies equally impeccable service.

The company has made metal fasteners and snaps for leather goods, and more generally metal accessories, for more than 50 years; to this it has added the production, licensed by the American company ROMAG, of the “patented” magnetic clasp that has opened the door to the American and world markets.

Magnetic fasteners for leather goods

Magnetic closuresThe magnetic fasteners for leather goods are made with iron and brass: they may also be used on clothing. These are 100% Italian products, made within the company with the exception of the galvanizing which is done by an external collaborator.

They can be made in any colour or finish to satisfy all market requests. New models are continuously studied and produced to keep up with the market.

MLM has the following types of magnetic closures:  type V, screw mounted, type B, machine mounted, type R, mounted with rivet head, type P, personalized, type pull-spring , pin, super-flat, self-centering.

Next-generation magnetic closures: MLM MAZZOLA - A reference point for the fashion industry

Studs for leather goods, clothing and shoes

These are made in iron and in brass; the use of the latter material makes higher quality, more resistant studs for leather goods. They are designed also for the clothing and shoes sectors.

MLM studs are made within the company, to ensure a product that is 100% Made in Italy; they are available in various finishings and colours and are part of a complete line of products to satisfy every need and market request.

The workmanship is artisanal, even if the production process is completely industrialized.

Iron and brass rings for leather goods and clothing

These are zipper pull-rings of the highest quality and are available in the following models: type D, triangular, square, rectangular, oval, round, with screws, for belt loops, for roller buckles.
The iron and brass rings are also available in many sizes and may be personalized.

MLM accessories for leather goods

Metal accessories for leather goodsBuckles, snaps, all of the technical articles in rhinestone or brass, and in other metals are part of the vast range of versatile accessories, indispensable  for the Italian and international markets made by MLM.

The importance of the foreign market has led the company to build strong relationships with locally based, foreign representatives.

In addition, MLM has a business office in Milan, in the center of the leather producing district and has formed a joint venture in Mexico, in León, the  center of that country's  shoe and leather industry.

MLM accessories are destined for the most important, well-known brands in the leather goods, clothing and shoe sectors. They are available in the following finishes; brass, zapon-treated brass, antique finish, opaque brass, nickel, antique nickel, opaque nickel, black nickel, gold, flash gold, opaque gold, pinchbeck, silver, antique silver, copper, and antique, burnished or bronzed copper.

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