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Production of capsules in PVC, PET, polylaminate Metalux: high quality profiles, materials and colors

Founded in 1964 by Dino Ilario Dal Ri, Metalux immediately set for the accomplishment of high quality profiles, materials and colors of the capsules.

Thanks to a very close collaboration between its facilities and technical partners, Metalux offers, from its early stages, support to the commercial service and design, as well as the technical and graphics department too, therefore establishing the best match of the capsule to the label of the bottle.

Equipped with advanced facilities and technology, of which many owned, Metalux is able to supervise, step by step, everything throughout the production process in order to guarantee a job done with passion and professionalism.

Capsules in PVC, PET, polylaminate

Production of capsules Metalux: quality and professionalism

Our leading activity is the production of capsules in PVC, PET, polylaminate and champagne hoods that follow the improved technologies already existing.

Metalux produces also sleeves, with or without hot stamping, that are utilized as guarantee seals for glass jars, plastic cans and, in general, for bottles that have a wide diameter closing.

The corporate’s philosophy forms with the commitment and the insurance to every client of a final product of high quality.

The company delivers to a clientele which is distributed in over 25 countries in the world and it is a reliable supplier for any type of bottler, in particular: wineries, liqueurs and oil mills.

We thank our loyal clients and every new contact, for every year they allow an upgrade of 20-30% of the production.

Metalux Group

The Metalux group employs approximately 90 people

METALUX S.A. based in Rhodes, Greece, is the main productive establishment of the group METALUX. Founded in 1991, today it is permanently embed in the global market of packaging as the producer of capsules that cover caps.

Paradissi P.O.Box 41
85106 Rhodes Greece
Tel. +30 22410 81767
Fax. +30 22410 81768

Metalux Capsule s.r.l. with operational headquarters in Musile di Piave (VE) is responsible of the commercial and logistic services mainly addressed to the European market.

Via Triestina, 116
30024 Musile di Piave (VE) Italy
Tel. +39 0421331266
Fax. +39 0421560851

Our staff is prepared to receive and handle your requests, assisting you from the planning phase up until the delivery of the product.

Metalux - The production

Polychamp Capsule

Polychamp Capsule

Vinilux Capsule

Vinilux Capsule

Polylaminate Capsule

Polylaminate Capsule

Capsule in Pet Ecolux

Capsule Ecolux

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