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Furniture Stainless steel self-service canteens, high-grade steel, accurate processing, technology and design that characterizes the product. Only the best environments to guarantee hygiene

The commercial STAINLESS STEEL EQUIPMENT for self service restaurants by METALTECNICA is characterised by a sober, functional line of modular structures with compartments beneath the counter tops. Pieces can be varied by using differing modular components depending on customers' requirements. The structures can have heated, refrigerated or neutral compartments, practical to use and practical for the displaying of food.

Furniture Stainless steel​All pieces can be installed on feet of adjustable height or on rotating wheels.
The various components are produced entirely in 18/10, AISI 304 stainless steel and include: trolleys, refrigerated tables, dressers in various sizes, sliding or hinged doors, shelves, single or multiple drawers.

Commercial stainless steel equipment for

  • self service restaurants
  • canteens
  • restaurant equipment
  • hospitals, snack bars
  • fish shops and butcher's shops
  • Refrigerated prep counters
  • Heated display cases
  • Bread dispensers
  • Food warmer trolleys

Refrigerated cabinets for self service restaurants and canteens

The refrigerated cabinets have a lower compartment in refrigerated monocoque stainless steel.
A digital thermostat keeps the internal temperature between 0 - 15 C° through a R134a removable gas condenser (TN models) and R404a (BT models).
The insulation is in high density polyurethane and the coil in 10mm copper piping. The doors have an automatic closure mechanism with brake, seal and double chamber opening.

Bead distributor for self service restaurants and canteens, hotel and hospital kitchens.

An indispensable item for every self service restaurant, canteen and hospital kitchen: in just a few minutes it allows you to prepare everything needed for the provision of meals.

It is a steel trolley for self service restaurants and canteens and outlets serving hot meals.
There are two versions, heated and neutral, for the distribution of meals.

The food distribution trolley has two cells, with distribution column that can be regulated, ideal for round plates of 190 - 280 mm in diameter.

  • Column capacity - 40/50 plates
  • Rotating wheels of 100mm in diameter with an adjustable suspension system.

The food warmer trolley has a thermostat (20-80 C°) and internal resistance for optimal heat distribution.

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