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Atis pneumatic manipulators are for industrial use, extremely versatile, with high quality and stability, suitable for moving any type of load

Atis Srl operates in the movement sector manufacturing pneumatic manipulators; they are used in all industrial sectors and wherever it is necessary to lift and move objects of different shapes and sizes or heavy, awkward, dangerous and fragile objects.

Manipulator for glassThey assist the operator to conduct completely safe and autonomous movement, providing precise positioning. In fact, thanks to their pneumatic balancing device, it is possible to move loads of any size in a weightless manner, in a natural and precise way.

Different models are manufactured, studied and developed based on customer requirements; they can be completely customised, equipped with the same pneumatic support and with different gripping systems.

These products are safe, essential, reliable, ergonomic and functional. All models are designed, manufactured and assembled in the company; they are then tested both in typical work conditions and in extreme use conditions, to verify all performances with ample safety margins for the user.

They are installed using a column fixed to the floor, a column mounted on a self-standing base and also a fixed overhead or overhead rail mounted version.

The characteristics of Atis industrial manipulators can be summarised as follows:

  • pneumatic power
  • protected pneumatic system inside the structure
  • maximum strength and minor weight of the manipulator
  • flexible installation
  • active safety
  • simple use
  • micrometric regulation of the joints to eliminate convergence
  • maintenance free
  • easy to transport, assemble and install

All Atis models are covered by technical support for installation and activation, as well as extraordinary maintenance and technical support onsite. The have CE marking in compliance with manufacturing requirements defined by European safety standards.

They are equipped with the following safety devices: safety tank; check valve; safety valve; capacity release valve; attenuators; piloted check valve; anti-release device.

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Movement of glass and door and window frames

For this specific sector Atis proposes the ATISmirus range: manipulators with rigid arms.
They are adequately sized according to the capacity requested and the range of action. They are equipped with a gripping system designed according to movement requirements and are composed of a standard grip terminal with a four-suction cup frame which is easily adjusted in multiple positions to enable movement of various sized pieces.
They are equipped with pneumatic inclination /-90° and pneumatic rotation /-90°. On request, continuous 360° rotation can be supplied.
The suction cups are completely adjustable in a simple and fast manner to move a wide range of shapes.
They do not need an electrical supply, working only on compressed air from the network.
They are indicated for sustained work cycles, heavy loads and light loads.

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