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Bird food, small animal food, fish food by Borgovit Srl

Borgovit proposes bird food together with feeds for small animals, amphibians, horses and fish to all its clients, from wholesalers to shops.

Egg food for birds

Borgovit is a family business, built out of hard work and passion.

In the early 1900's the family's mill was already used for the processing and selling of cereals. In 1950 Angelo Borgovit, spurred on by a passion for ornithology, began to produce feed for birds and the company has since become a frontrunner in the production of bird feed, and also pet food.

Borgovit's products fulfil the needs of breeders, those working in the world of professional ornithology and also small-scale home breeders, enthusiasts and all specialised stores.

Borgovit's production:

  • Bird food and bird seed mixes
  • Canary food, small animals food, fish food, aquatic turtle food
  • Small animal food, food for rabbits, small rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla, squirrels, hamsters
  • Packaged bird food
  • Egg food for granivorous birds
  • Modified atmosphere packaged animal feed
  • Wholesale animal feed

Borgovit's bird feed is a high quality mix, thanks to the choice of raw ingredients. The company has designed a feed that forms the basis of a healthy, complete diet, as similar as possible to that which canaries, exotic birds and parrots would eat in the wild.
The feed is the result of close collaboration with serious and professional breeders who understand the nutritional value that must be attached to bird feed.
The feed is available in modified atmosphere packaging to preserve the integrity of the mix and keep it fresh.
All bird seed mixes are rich in vitamins and balanced in terms of nutritional value.

Egg food for birds Becco D'Oro

Among the classic and traditional bird feeds, Borgovit proposes a new line of egg food for birds. The BECCO D'ORO egg food for birds is soft and available in different weights. At the base of the company's egg food are ingredients derived from bakery and bread-making processes, combined with milk and honey, and sugars derived from fruit.

Feed for canaries, parakeets and exotic birds VitaColor Fruit

The mixes contain all the necessary nutrients.
The feed is enriched with biscuit granules, protein oleaginous seeds and vitamins. The mixes are created for the wellbeing of canaries and similar birds, to maintain their brilliant plumage and muscle tone.

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