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Machine for cutting marble and natural stones by Ferrari and Cigarini: fully automated lines with modern and new technologies to ensure maximum accuracy and speed

Ferrari e Cigarini operates in the ceramics, marble and brick processing sectors and principally produces cutting machines.

The company’s cutting machines are automatic machines for multiple, linear cutting by diamond blades. They can be used to cut marble and natural stone as well as glass, granite, ceramic tiles or bricks.

The cutting machines for marble and natural stone are available in automatic, single-head, multi-head and multi-blade versions.

Single-head marble cutting machines

are especially apt for the recovery of the rejects of marble and for single stroke cutting of very thick materials. They are structurally very robust and can be equipped with engines of up to 22 kw and with special attachments for the automatic cutting of mosaic tiles of up to 10x10 cm.

Ferrari & Cigarini production

  • Machines for trimming marble
  • Marble calibrating machines
  • Bevelling machines for marble
  • Marble squaring machines
  • Edge polishing machines for marble
  • Profiling machines for marble
  • Edge-bevelling machines for marble
  • Gluing machines for mosaics in marble
  • Automatic machinery for mosaic tiles
  • Mesh belt and roller dryers

Cutting machines for marbleAs well as cutting machines, Ferrari e Cigarini proposes a range of calibrating machines, edging machines, squaring machines, profiling machines, bevelling machines and equipment for the treatment and refining of the surfaces on which they are used.

All of Ferrari e Cigarini’s machines are developed  by a specialized technical staff with the clients’ needs in mind.

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