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Linea Ellebi

Via dei Cadolingi, 4
50018 - Scandicci (FI) Italy

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Shoe appliques, braided accessories, embroidery by Linea Ellebi

Linea Ellebi Snc produces embroideries, braided accessories and accessories in general for footwear, leather goods and clothing.

Shoe appliques, braided accessories, embroidery

Shoe appliques

In particular the company’s appliques for shoes include eyelets, rivets, studs, rhinestones, beads, jet stones, sequins, fabrics, satin, chiffon, tulle and raffia.

In addition, Linea Ellebi produces accessories with pleats, engravings, and laser-drilled accessories.

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Braided accessories for shoes

The company’s embroideries on footwear are made with raffia and are also suitable for the leather and clothing sectors.

Embroidery on shoes

The company also supplies woven macramé and crocheted accessories.

Linea Ellebi's production

  • Belt embroidery
  • Embossed leather
  • Leather lace inserts, leather mats
  • Accessories for pocket emptiers, cushions, photo frames
  • Decorations for pocket emptiers, cushions, photo frames, light fittings, furniture accessories, leather products

In addition, Linea Ellebi can supply private companies with custom-made and exclusive products, thanks to its highly-qualified staff  constantly trained and focused on new materials and techniques. The company can develop any kind of idea and decoration.

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