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Floor and surface polishers from Klindex: professional, reliable, and Italian

Professional polishersKlindex operates in the sector of professional floor and surface polishers. Due to the absolute quality of the materials used, as well as of the finished product, Klindex polishers are used all over the world and the company has earned a leadership position on the global market.

These products are 100% Made in Italy, and are used for grinding and polishing vertical surfaces, wood floors, parquet, terrazzo, cement and industrial flooring.

They are well-known products, used widely by all professionals in the sector and are extremely reliable. They may have a square or single brush and use a system of patented, abrasive diamond discs.

Klindex: Reliable products and efficient services.

Floor polishers

Ercole and Enio Bibiano founded the company in 1988.

The experience acquired in the field of selling cleaning machines has permitted Klindex to invent and patent a new polishing system that is suitable for marble and granite floors.

This innovative system uses abrasive diamond discs; initially, it was not well received by operators in the sector, but in brief time it gained importance and has permitted the company to acquire an important position within the Italian and international markets.

In 2000, the innovative Unika and Idraulikus products won awards during INTERCLEAN – AMSTERDAM.

Klindex continues to improve its products, investing in research and development, in order to give its customers an impeccable product that allows them to perfectly clean and polish all floors and surfaces.

In 2004 Klindex obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Some examples:

Runner: professional floor polishers in the single brush version.

Ideal for washing, cleaning, and polishing any type of floor in marble, granite, cement, parquet, stoneware, etc.
It is characterized by the best cost/quality rapport with respect to all of the other machines available on the market. Thanks to the vast gamma of available accessories, the single brush machines resolve all floor treatment problems in the best, and most economical, way. It has a three-satellite gearbox with very robust, high performing gears.

Levighetor 600: the most famous professional floor grinder.

With this machine, grinding and polishing floors is easier, faster, and more economical than with any other system. It is sold in more than 60 countries. Thanks to the 360° directional wheels system, the Levighetor 600 can be used on all types of floors: marble, granite (all types of marble and granite), stoneware (gres), terrazzo, cement, parquet, agglomerate, gravel, terracotta, concrete, stone, wood, and industrial flooring. 
In addition, the patented spherical, directional wheels that rotate 360° allow the machine to move in all directions (forward, backward, left, right, diagonal).

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