Steno F.lli Nazzari
Steno F.lli Nazzari

Str. Provinciale 202 delle Teste, 14/16
27043 - Broni (PV) Italy

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Pastry, Bakery and Pizza machines by Steno F.lli Nazzari

More than 65 years of experience has made Steno one of Italy’s most reputable manufacturer for high quality pastry, bakery and pizza equipment.

Bakery machines

Steno guarantees high quality and heavy duty equipment and is continually finding innovative solutions for its clients all over the world.

Planetary mixers – Steno’s planetary mixers range from 7 Lt. to 160 Lt. and require no oil or maintenance as all moving parts are run on ball bearings. Apart from the standard accessories, Steno’s planetary mixers can be equipped with additional accessories such as reduction kits, tool supports and the patented Dough Kneading kit, Evolution kit, that turns the planetary mixer into a real, high quality dough kneader.

Kneading machines – Steno produces a range of kneading machines: Spiral mixers, fork mixers, automatic diving arm mixers and most recently, the patented EVOLUTION mixers. Steno’s kneading machines range from 20 kg. to 100 Kg. of dough capacity. The automatic diving arm mixers and the fork mixers have two independent motors (one for bowl rotation and the other for tool movement) making it robust, allowing it to oxygenate the dough well and requiring little to no maintenance.
The patented Evolution mixers range from 5 Kg. to 60 kg. in dough capacity and produce a quality of dough like that of a diving arm mixer. Because of the innovative technology, the assimilation of liquids and processing times are faster resulting in a well-oxygenated dough with a well-developed gluten network making this kneader suitable for all types of savoury and sweet products from 30% to 90% hydration.

Dough Sheeters – Steno manufactures both table and floor dough sheeter models. The sheeters have movable belts of two lengths: 50cm and 60cm. The dough sheeters are robust and silent; the gears are in steel and all the mechanisms are mounted on ball-bearings that do not require any maintenance. They are easy to clean, dismantle and wash.

Refining machines - The two-cylinder refining machines are particularly useful for grinding nuts, making pastes or sheets of chocolate. All parts are mounted on ball- bearings and thus require very little maintenance. The rollers, in porphyry, are completely adjustable and can be regulated to grind larger nuts without creating oil build-up.

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