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Products and creams, reference brand in the world finishing footwear, are distributed by IEXI Srl


finishing footwear

IEXI was founded in 1954 as the first company able to propose to Italian shoe manufacturers use chemicals to finish the shoes; this intuition led to the emergence of so-called "ITALIAN FINISH".

The company continuously analyzes the needs of the footwear market by offering top quality products which adapt to the new tanning technologies and the ever-changing fashion.

Iexi distributor

Creams finishing footwear

A catalog contains a selection of creams suitable for the finishing of footwear and leather. They are made from 500ml packs, 1500ml, 5000ml and 20000ml. Depending on the type they are suitable for enhancing the original characteristics of the skin, giving shine and softness inimitable. In some cases they are also suitable to make uniform the color, or to give the skin an aged effect.

Apply with a sponge or a cloth, and after a short time is needed to polish using a rotary brush of natural bristle at medium speed or with a hand-wool cloth.

There are also specific products for: cleanse gently reptile leathers, patent leathers metallic pearlescent finished pigmented aniline, cowhide, tassel, greased; smooth white leather, of good quality shiny and able to cover defects and scratches.

They should not be used for suede.

Products for finishing footwear 

This type of article is applied with blast gun up and medium pressure; it is important not to let the product dry, rub it with a cloth and then polish with a rotating brush impregnated with white carnauba wax.

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