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Cosmetic tubes and polyethylene tubes presented by Global Tube

Global Tube

Global Tube specializes in the production of tubes for cosmetics and polyethylene tubes.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology, the company can propose high-quality products for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

Production tubes for cosmetics

  • Polyethylene tubes for cosmetic use
  • Flexible tubes for cosmetics
  • Ophthalmic, coextruded and combined tubes
  • Polyethylene tubes for lip products and polyethylene cannula topped tubes
  • Screen printed and lithographed tubes using hot printing
  • Screen printing for polyethylene tubes
  • Hot printing for tubes
  • Tube labelling

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Global Tube: tubes for cosmetics

The company’s tubes for cosmetics and polyethylene tubes are used for creams, cosmetics, gels, ointments and pharmaceutical products. Both the tubes in polyethylene and the flexible tubes are available in the screen printed and lithographed versions.

Print pipe decoration

Global Tube’s products are manufactured to be applied in a number of sectors. The combi model, for example, offers the possibility to dispose of two products in a single container, such as lip stick together with hand cream and sunscreen stick together with sun protection cream. 

The company’s ophthalmic tubes and tubes for lip products are ideal for containing lip protection balm, lip gloss and eye contour creams & gels.

The soft touch tubes are soft and delicate to the touch, ideal for high-quality cosmetics and for  elegant and prestigious packaging.

The labelled tubes and small tubes are an alternative to traditional printing techniques proposed by Global Tube.

The coextruded tube is a new product by Global Tube. It is a coextruded tube with 5 asymmetrical layers which ensure good product conservation. Available in all formats, starting from 25 mm.

All of Global’s tubes can be provided with guarantee seals, according to the regulations in force. The aluminium seals are available in silver or gold finishes.

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