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The stones for costume jewelry distributed by GI.MA. Srl are  quality products at an affordable price

GI.MA. Srl, present at the Lineapelle fair in  Bologna,  distributes and sells stones for costume jewelry, accessories and shoes.  

GI.MA. is also the distributor for products from the companies Swarovski and Preciosa.

The stones for costume jewelry in the GI.MA. catalogue are able to  fully satisfy the requests of the market and clients; they are quality products at an affordable price.

Among the items for costume jewelry, GI.MA. proposes:

  • Plastic, glass, crystal stones
  • Shaped stones in glass and Plexiglass

They are  available in a variety of colours, forms and sizes.

Conical stones complete the catalogue of stones for costume jewelry.

News 2023

Accessories for costume jewelry

These are accessories for costume jewelry made with various materials.

Amongst the accessories for costume jewelry from GI.MA.: clasps, clips, hooks, glass beads, borders, sequins, washers, settings and stones with embroidery holes, crystal and glass components for favours and gifts.

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