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Stainless steel wire ropes, tension rods and attachments by Garelli are quality products destined for use in architecture and building in general as well as in the nautical sector.

Steel tie rods Garelli is specialized in the design and production of stainless steel wire ropes, tension rods and attachments of every kind.

These are quality products destined for use in architecture, building in general and the nautical sector. With regards to architecture, the products by Garelli are used for the creation of public works and interior design; with regards to building they are used especially for safety lines and wherever it is necessary to use steel wire ropes with the necessary attachments.  

Other strengths relating to the production undertaken by Garelli are maximum respect in meeting deadlines and the possibility to create customized products according to specific requirements in addition to the production of standardized stainless steel wire ropes, tension rods and attachments, available from stock.

In fact, the entire production line is designed for use under very high stress levels, an objective that requires maximum reliability and safety. The accessories by Garelli are, for this same reason, sized and certified for the load declared. These products are extremely durable.

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Stainless steel wire ropes

The stainless steel wire ropes, as well as the tension rods and attachments, are specific products which are necessary for resolving any issues submitted by clients to the company; production is flexible being also artisanal yet industrial at the same time.

The AISI 316 stainless steel wire ropes are certified and guaranteed, thanks to the features and qualitative properties of the material used. They meet UNI and DIN standards.

The stainless steel wire ropes can be: spiral strand – type 7x7, type 7x19, type 6x36; anti-rotation; PVC-coated.

The stainless steel wire ropes, as with the rest of production, can also be supplied in large quantities and it is possible to obtain replacement parts even after a number of years.

Stainless steel tension rods

Garelli, thanks to years of experience and the expertise acquired, has become a leading company in Italy in the construction of stainless steel tension rods for sailboats and large-scale yachts, for prestigious architectural structures such as tensile structures and bridges.

Steel turnbuckles, steel terminals and steel tension rods are used for the construction of rigging, stays and lifelines on sailboats, both racing and vintage versions, for ocean crossings.

Swaging machines for cables

The swaging machines for cables are machines with an electro-mechanical function. Their use allows for the fixing of terminals on the metal ropes.

This procedure allows for superior resistance in terms of the tensile strength of the same rope, ensures a certain result, precision in the measures, operational speed, aesthetically pleasing finish and low costs.

The swaging machines produced by Garelli are used by the Navy, NATO, a number of the most important shipyards, producers of cables all over the world and by Fincantieri.

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