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Embroidered gonfalons, custom pennants presented by Arem

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The creation of heraldic embroidery and prints can also be done on cloth gonfalons, flags and banners. Our highly trained staff with twenty years of experience takes care of the smallest details to create municipal gonfalons or religious flags, Institutional and university gonfalons, as well as gonfalons for events and shows and standards for historic re-enactments.

Embroidered banners

The associations of all kinds, from religious or military to cultural and historical associations, have gonfalons of all types and with different features: embroidered and printed flags, standards in silk and satin with antique inserts, as well as gonfalons for charity associations and confraternities, gonfalons for military and national Alpine associations, Navy and Air Forces, and associations with Catholic religious heraldic and Freemasonry gonfalons.

Technically, a banner is created by initially following a proposed logo that is developed from an initial drawing. The graphic design team then creates a layout draft that reflects all the elements of how the work will be performed. Once the draft has been confirmed, the embroidery or printing of the heraldic banner or flag is programmed on an automatic embroidery machine that produces embroidery or printing on high quality silk or fine Bemberg silk. Once the embroidery machine has finished, the cloth of the banner is finished down to the smallest details with precious gold inserts if required.

The final part concerns the gold or silver fringe, and hand finishing by our expert craftsmen who, with more than 40 years experience of producing gonfalons and flags, bring a touch of originality and prestige to gonfalons and standards with heraldic logos that are complex but definitely unique and impressive.

PennantsMaking a perfect municipal or provincial banner also depends on the gold,  silver and metallic Lurex yarns that are used for the embroidery or decoration of each embroidered cloth banner.
Using the finest fabrics like silk, yarn and fine braids makes our gonfalons and flags or banners high quality and very valuable.

Throughout history medieval gonfalons (now used in historic re-enactments) were battle standards and provided a way of identifying cities, people, countries and regions. Today, embroidered and printed gonfalons with the Italian flag are used for schools, as well as all kinds of gonfalons for cultural associations and many other sectors that require them.

If you like, you may buy gonfalons on Arem’s website: click here

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Custom pennants, embroidered pennons, heraldic banners

Pennants for armyIn the field of heraldry, the products that stand out are embroidered banners, heraldic standards with gold fringe and decorations, military flags on silk customized with military shields, and gold or silk inserts. These customizations and special processes are almost always embroidered or on rare occasions printed, using the latest innovative embroidery techniques.

This technology now uses applications of fabric with laser technology that makes it possible to create heraldic banners and the like with sensational results and excellent quality and with a variety of personalized effects on fabrics of all kinds.

Many organizations make use of embroidered banners or pennants and the Military Heraldry is made up of logos, shields, Greek laurels, friezes and many drawings that make up the most complex heraldic logos.

There are banners and pennants for Army and Air Force Associations, flags and standards for military regiments and battalions of army or navy defense. Then there are banners with Military Heraldry logos for national veteran associations or military academies. All the Army and Defense associations also have their logos featured on items such as troop crests, flags, pennants and so on.

The Military Heraldry is primarily made up of complex logos with embroidered laurels,  silver graces or gold embroidery that decorates the lower part of the design, embroidered shields in the middle that identify the specific battalions or regiments and finally the golden crown embroidered on the top of each distinctive banner or pennant.

Gold thread, metallic Lurex yarns or silver shiny Lurex yarns, fine fabrics such as pure silk or Bemberg silk: these materials are among the most commonly used to hand or machine stitch all the embroidered details on pennants or gonfalons or flags with heraldic logos for military institutions and national associations. These fabrics and yarns make these items unique and enhance their value and quality. 

Pennants are also available in printed versions, from 30 pieces: Choose the article with the model, size and price on the online shop

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