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Linear and self-adhesive label application machines presented by PackLab

PackLab's labellers are intended for shaped containers of various shapes and sizes. PackLab's labellers are modular and therefore easily adapt to different applications.

The technology used for the production of the labelling machines is very advanced, thereby ensuring a high-precision application of the labels with a variation equal to +/- 0.5 mm, also in light of sudden production speed changes.

The company’s machines can produce up to 24.000 units per hour, and all the machines are CE marked.

Label application machines

Thanks to its wide range of labelling machines, PackLab operates in the following sectors: cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical cleaning, wine-making and beverage sectors.

PackLab's labellers are as follows:

  • MODULO, labelling units
  • WING, labelling system for cylindrical and shaped containers
  • SPINNER, labelling systems for cylindrical containers
  • VELA, labelling system for the application of self-adhesive labels or wrap-around labels
  • EAGLE, Top  & Down labelling system  for the application of labels to the upper and lower sides of the products
  • RAZOR, linerless label applicator
  • NASTRA, labelling machine for kegs

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