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Effe3Ti Srl

Corso Garibaldi, 298
13045 - Gattinara (VC) Italy

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The production of stretch wrapping machines from Effe3Ti is characterized by maximum quality and continual technical support  

Effe3Ti Srl is a reference point in the sector of packaging and end of line wrapping. It has worked in this field for more than ninety years and is able to produce machine of the highest quality. Effe3Ti offers a vast range of products: the machines are adaptable to every need in an efficient way. The company’s force in the marketplace is due to the wide offering of quality stretch-wrapping machines.

Effe3Ti works continually to upgrade its products, with close attention to technological developments and the needs of the sector. It is therefore a reliable partner for all of your packaging needs.

Effe3Ti makes easy to use, economical wrapping machines.

Stretch wrapping machines

Design and manufacturing of wrapping and strapping machines

Effe3Ti can count on an internal design office within the company, 2500 sq. metres of workspace and a technical assistance shop. There are ample spaces devoted to production and logistics to facilitate the company’s continually growing activity.

A professional technical is always present to provide support along with a warehouse with spare parts backed up by free delivery and assistance.

Effe3ti’s entire product offering may be seem in the company’s show room, next to the offices, for all clients who wish to view the machines personally.

Why choose Effe3Ti wrapping machines?

  • Effe3Ti is a complete supplier for packaging needs. It is totally reliable and understands the needs of the industrial sector;
  • It has the knowledge from the field of those who design and product and prepares its designed and technicians in order to be able to offer efficient professional consultations with respect to concrete problems;
  • All of Effe3Ti’s machines have technologically advanced structural characteristics;  
  • The on-site warehouse guarantees spare parts available for immediate delivery.

Effe3Ti machines are characterized by:

  • reduced wrapping costs
  • ULTRA easy wrapping management  
  • low consumption of wrapping materials
  • suitable costs
  • low maintenance
  • direct assistance
  • qualified technical support
  • spare parts ready for immediate delivery
  • supplies for all of our systems

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