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Ederplast Nastri

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27020 - Dorno (PV) Italy

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Adhesive tapes production presented by Ederplast Nastri Srl

Ederplast Nastri has been presented in adhesive tapes market since 40 years.

Adhesive tapes production

Thanks to a constant investment and research policy, it is today one of the leading Italian firms in the technical adhesive tapes production.

  • Adhesive and technical adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive tapes for footwear and leather industry
  • Double adhesive tapes for footwear and leather industry
  • Self adhesive tapes for footwear and leather industry

As regards production, Ederplast Nastri is devoted mainly to the creation of adhesive tapes for footwear and leather industry.

Adhesive tapes production

The adhesive tapes for footwear and leather industry are used on bases in cotton, polyester and nylon.
They are characterized by flexibility for the manufacturing of shoes, resistance to damp and dry abrasion, high tensile strength and excellent adhesion for vamps, stitchings and toes reinforcement.

Thanks to the continuous technological innovation of its facilities and attention paid to research the company can fully satisfy customers' demands, even within Europe being supported by a structure of distributors.

Along with the tapes for footwear and leather industry, the company offers a wide range of adhesive tapes and double adhesive tapes for multiple applications to use. The company also proposes: duct tapes for cable wrappings in automotive; medical tapes and sportifs; tapes  for the protection of mirrors and glass; tapes for closing packages; masking tape during the painting of different surfaces.

Adhesive tapes production

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