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Sheep and goat skins, full grain and suede, from DMD Solofra are made for use in the clothing and shoe sectors: quality and respect for tradition  

DMD Solofra, in the tanning industry, makes sheep and goat skins for the shoe and clothing sectors.  

The attentive selection of raw materials, respect for tradition, and continual updating of working processes allows for continual improvement of the product.

  • Goat and sheet skins for clothing and shoes
  • Ovo-caprine skins
  • Suede, wovens, sheepskins for shoes and leather goods

Items may also be made according to the client’s needs, thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of the finished product.

Both goat and sheep skins meet eco-toxicological and technical requirements.

Leathers DMD Solofra

DMD Solofra: the history

The company was founded in 1944 and was passed on from father to son; along with a passion for tanning, he handed down the traditional working methods for leather used to maintain the high quality of the products.

The company’s philosophy is based on the maintenance of a quality product that is the result of the collaboration and involvement of everyone involved and the updating of the production process to obtain improvements in the finished product.

Indispensable is the correct choice of raw materials, which are then selected, inspected, and taken care of by specialized, trained personnel.

Leathers DMD Solofra

The internationalization of the activity has reinforced DMD Solofra’s social commitment, which supports projects and initiatives in developing countries. 

DMD Solofra is committed to respecting its fundamental values:
- respect for its employees, shareholders, clients and suppliers;
- continual training of personnel;
- transparency of internal communications as well as those with clients and suppliers;
- sharing of objectives;
- excellence of products and services offered;
- social commitment toward populations in need.

The company also maintains an organizational and management system that meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004. In 2007 it reached conformity in accordance with the normative UNI 11239:2007 for the trademark, Made in Italy.

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