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Di Marco

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Production of special flours, bases and semi-finished products for pizza from Di Marco: high quality, professionalism and experience at the service of your pizzeria

Production of special flours for pizzaDi Marco Corrado Srl is a Roman company active in the field of professional pizza production since 1981: the experience and professionalism always demonstrated in this sector have allowed it to become a point of reference for all those who need special flours, bases and quality semi-finished products.

The production takes place within the company plant which occupies over 2400 square meters of surface on two levels: on the ground floor is the production of special flour mixtures for pizza, while on the upper floor is the production line dedicated to precooked and frozen pizza bases and a laboratory for pre-risen and frozen balls.

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The entire building is made of insulating materials that ensure energy savings as well as temperature control; there is also a photovoltaic system, installed on the roof since 2011, which provides a large part of the company's energy needs.

There is a silos storage area with controlled temperature and humidity, a cold room at -25°C for storing frozen products, and climate-controlled dough preparation rooms with filtered air intake/extraction system. The freezing takes place through inert cryogenic gas, thus protecting the environment.

Thanks to an extensive distribution network, Di Marco reaches the entire national territory and is in constant, direct contact with the end customer. 

Special flours and quality semi-finished products: Di Marco is the ideal partner

Today, Di Marco, with its extensive experience, is the highest expression of quality in the world of pizza: constant research and innovation aimed at adapting traditional techniques to the most modern and advanced work technologies.

The special pizza mixes are all of the highest quality to guarantee excellent results for professionals; these are complemented by precooked pizza bases - frozen or fresh - which allow one to meet the needs and the qualitative target of the sector.

Flour mixtures for Pinsa Romana: how they were created

Pinsa Romana

The Pinsa Romana was born in 2001 from an idea of Corrado Di Marco to make a product characterized by the taste of ancient bread and highly digestible: a unique, fragrant and digestible product containing rice flour; this addition was revolutionary along with the rediscovery of sourdough. Pinsa flour is today the only mixture in the world able to make the true Pinsa Romana.

Precooked artisanal bases for the Pinsa Romana

The various formats, from the smallest for street food to the largest for counter sale, are made artisanally and hand-flattened by expert company pinsa-makers, or pinsaioli.

To this end, the Pinsa School was born to offer specific training courses for production of the Pinsa.

Other important products from Di Marco:

Pizzasnella: highly digestible flour mixtures for pizza

4 mixtures for professional use to make all types of doughs and guarantee your clients a pizza with high digestibility and hydration.

Mixtures for pizza: Linea Teglia Romana

The specific mixture of wheat, soy and rice flours that is indispensable for making the true Roman-style Pan Pizza with excellent counter life.

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