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Wine bottling plants produced by Della Toffola Spa are a guarantee of quality based on more than 50 years’ experience from a leading international brand

International market leader in the production Wine bottling plants,
the company began in the 1960s as a producer of stainless steel benders and vertical presses. 

Thanks to its strong dynamism and manufacturing ability, Della Toffola competes with the leaders in the sector, offering innovative solutions.

During its many years of activity, the group has grown and differentiated its production, not only Wine bottling plants, but making filters and becoming a qualitative reference point for the wine sector.

In the 1980s the company introduced a new line of machines for filtering that led it to become an international leader in the wine sector and to export 50% of its production.

In the 1990s, Della Toffola purchased complementary firms in Italy, thus diversifying its production in new sectors of the market with the launch of new machines and the subsequent opening of branches abroad in France, Spain, Argentina, and Chile; this allowed the company to enter both commercially and in manufacturing in the most important wine markets in the world.

Wine machines

Della Toffola Spa: know-how and ability

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, the acquisition of know-how and relative abilities have led the company to make turnkey systems, in direct competition with leaders in the sector in Europe, Africa, Asia, the American and Oceania.

All of Della Toffola’s products are distinguished by their unparalleled quality and completeness: a vast technological offering, able to satisfy the entire productive cycle and the bottling of: wine, water, soft drinks, juices, milk and derivatives, oil, sauces, liquors, and spirits.

Della Toffola Spa: The Group

The group consists of the following manufacturing companies: Della Toffola S.p.A., 
Sirio Aliberti s.r.l., 
OMB s.r.l.,
 DT Separtech s.r.l., 
AVE Technologies s.r.l., Gimar s.r.l. and Priamo Food Technologies s.r.l., all in Italy;
 Della Toffola Iberica S.A. in Spain and
 DT Inox S.A. in Argentina.

The commercial branches are the following: 
DTF in France, 
Della Toffola USA Ltd. in California (USA), 
Della Toffola Sudamerica S.A. in Chile, 
Della Toffola Argentina S.A. in Argentina, and
Della Toffola Pacific P/L in Australia.

400 employees and three generations of the Della Toffola family.

Certifications obtained

Since 2005 the company has obtained the certification of the system of Quality Management according to the UNI EN SIO 9001:2008 TÜV SUD normative. This certification is a guarantee for clients of the company’s ability to monitor, and consequently improve, all of the principal activities from design to post-sales assistance.

Della Toffola considers the following activities essential:

  • to improve the products and services it offers;
  • to oversee and verify the efficiency of company procedures;
  • to constantly update the company’s procedures on the basis of internal and external needs;
  • to utilize available technologies to their best end.

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