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De.Ca Food

Via Villagrappa, 58
47030 - S. Mauro Pascoli (FC) Italy

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Machine for barley and machine for ginseng presented from De.Ca. Food

De.Ca. Food is an Italian firm that operates in the sector of machines and products for coffee. It sells machines and products to realize hot drinks as barley, ginseng, chocolate; milk cream, custard and nut cream.

Machine for barley

The machine for barley is used for bar and works with wffles express 100% barley. The packaging contains 25 wafers filter.

The machine for ginseng is convenient and easy to use at home or in the office or at the bar pouring the bag in plain hot water. The packaging contains pack of 15 sachets.

It has worked out a line of tea and single-dose chocolates for winter; a line of ice drinks and ice cream for summer; as well as products for aperitifs.

The production De.Ca. Food:

  • Machine for barley, ginseng, cream, hot chocolate, milk cream, nut cream, custard
  • Chocolate’s machine
  • Single-dose chocolates for bar
  • Ice cream for bar
  • Ice drink for bar
  • Ice tea for bar
  • Products for aperitifs

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