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Cuoificio Bisonte Spa

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Leather tiles, floor and wall worked slow tanning in the tank

An ancient material and modern, versatile and durable recognized for style, elegance and wellbeing

Leather is a natural, healthy, versatile and long-lasting material. Thanks to modern processing methods, Cuoificio Bisonte transforms it into an everyday product, producing leather for shoes and shoe soles, as well as leather for floor and wall tiles. e

Cuoificio Bisonte has over 60 years experience in the footwear and coverings sectors, producing leather for shoes and leather for floor and wall tiles.

  • Leather tiles, floor and wall
  • Leather for forniture
  • Leather - cieling wall floor
  • Sole leather
  • Heel cover leather
  • Water resistant leather

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Leather processingThe leather for shoes is vegetable tanned leather, tanned slowly in tanks with extracts of Italian chestnut.

For leather floor and wall tiles, the best quality vegetable tanned cow hides are used. Once laid, leather floor and wall tiles require similar care to parquet. Leather is different from other materials used for producing floor and wall tiles, in that it has intrinsic properties of malleability, stability and durability over time.

Leather is a living material, about which people feel strongly. Ancient yet modern, it is versatile, durable and timeless. It is a unique material which brings elegance, style and comfort to living spaces.

The passion comes from its feel: walking barefoot on a leather floor is a privilege that appeals to those who pay attention to the smallest details, who appreciate the value of taking a break, in terms of time and quality.

From the Renaissance to the present day, leather plays a dominant role in the history of objects, furnishings, people, and represents the path towards discovery.

Walls leatherLeather tiles are suitable for interior furnishings, shops, exhibition spaces, and exclusive restaurants and bars. Their versatility allows them to be used in any type of design for wall or floor coverings.

The leather panels and tiles have passed durability tests in shops, offices and houses. They are resistant to light and easy to maintain. 

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