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Crazy Jump

Via Divizia, 17 bis Fraz. San Bartolomeo
17051 - Andora (SV) Italy

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+39 (0)182 682002
+39 (0)182 682002

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Elastic trampoline presented by Crazy Jump

Elastic trampoline

The success of the Crazy Jump elastic trampoline is the desire to create a product that is extremely exciting that both jumpers and spectators alike.

Anyone can access the elastic trampoline Crazy Jump, children of three years with a minimum weight of 15 kg and adults with a maximum weight of 105 kg.

The Crazy Jump elastic trampoline can be installed anywhere, in places of transition and in densely crowded areas such as playgrounds, amusement parks, water parks, gymnasiums, sports centers and shopping centers.

Crazy Jump also produces accessories, swivel, pulleys and all you need to enjoy their trampolines elastic.

  • Elastic trampoline
  • Jump trampoline
  • Bungee trampoline
  • Bungy trampoline
  • Power Cord Rubber Bands
  • Harness
  • Swivel and pulley for elastic trampoline

Contact us: +39 (0)182 682002 (company)
or +39 339 3802571 / 366 2546608 (mobile phone)

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Elastic trampoline

Elastic trampoline

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