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Flexible hoses COTALI: since 1979 a complete range for every needs.

Our company, born as Cotali Valentino, is active on the market since 1979 and it's known for the quality of products and the absolute promptness of deliveries.

Starting from 2007, with the new generation of owners with Mr Mauro Soldi, COTALI has grown and has increased the range of products, always paying great attention to all technical aspects, in order to offer continuously higher quality. 

Our range of flexible hoses is very wide and can satisfy all hydraulic needs in customers' bathroom.

Flexible hoses

Our range actually includes:
- exclusive shower hoses with registered design and materials, with textile braid and PVC coating
- flexible hoses con stainless steel AISI 304 or nylon braid for the connections of faucets, heaters and basins
- antivibration hoses to connect pumps, boilers and radiators
- classical shower hoses in brass, in PVC with spyral effect, with wired structure or with nylon or stainless steel braid
- shut-off sets for bidets and WCs
- flexible hoses with EPDM or PEX underacoating for household appliances
- hoses for gas applications, both with or without stainless steel braid AISI304.

In our catalogue you can also find:
- handshowers with variable jets
- complete shower sets with arms and shower heads
- taps, elbows and nipples for basins

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Here's a summary of our most important items:

Production of shower hoses

with EPDM or PVC undercoating, with textile braid or coating.

Anti-vibration hoses

for the connection to the net of radiators, boilers and pumps.

Shattaf sets for bidets and WCs

made of shower and holder, fixing kit, flexible hoses 120cm with brass connections.

Inlet and outlet hoses for washing machines and dishwashers

for hot and cold water, length available on demand.

Hoses for hydraulic connections and faucets

with EPDM undercoating and stainless steel braid AISI 304.

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