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MV Comfort removable insoles for men's, women's and children's footwear are ideal for sport, elegant and gym shoes; completely made in Italy.

MV Comfort produces removable insoles for shoes. The company was founded in 1985 by the owner Vittorio Angeletti with the help of expert shoe craftsmen, of which the Fermo area is the world capital, and immediately establishes itself on the market for the high quality standards of its materials and the absolute value of the leather used .

The multi-year commitment, the study of technologically advanced solutions and care that only artisan production can ensure, make MV Comfort a landmark in the field of removable insoles.

Insoles are made for man, woman and child footwear; they are suitable for any type of shoe, but are ideal for sports, elegant and gym shoes.  Completely Italian products, the result of craftsmanship applied to industrial machines and production lines under the strict control of highly qualified personnel.

Removable breathable insolesRemovable breathable insoles: characteristics

Removable insoles for shoes are made using polyether foam, covered in leather or fabric (the latter type is particularly suitable for gym shoes). 

The insoles are breathable, irrespective of the presence or absence of holes: the material with which they are made totally absorbs foot moisture that is released when the shoe is not worn.  For this reason it is advisable to remove the insoles and allow it to air.  

A further advantage of MV Comfort removable insoles is that they do not maintain the footprint; in fact the polyether does not memorize the shape and thus gives the user a first time feeling. The return is extremely fast: in fact, it always returns to its original position when  walking.

Furthermore, an antifungal additive can be used on the polyether to ensure greater protection and hygiene of feet and toenails; this feature makes MV Comfort removable insoles a high-quality product.

MV Comfort products are also present in health stores, but they are neither medical nor orthopedic.

Removable insoles for shoes

Removable insoles for women’s shoes

These are specific insoles for women’s shoes and are available in different types and heel heights. They are suitable for relieving foot pain:  they are not a substitute for orthopedic insoles or customized insoles, but are ideal for comfortable footwear.

They are composed as follows: the back is designed to give a correct position to the position of the heel and cushion loads;  the center is designed to permit weight to be distributed from the front of the foot to the back of the foot;  and lastly, it is designed to relieve stress from metatarsal heads.  

Removable insoles for children's shoes

MV Comfort has created particular types of removable insoles for children's shoes;  these insoles are made in collaboration with Italian Podiatrists in order to adequately accompany the development and growth of a child's foot.

Heel cushion

These are specific products inserted into shoe and fastened there; they are intended for shoe factories that insert them into their own shoes with which they become one.  They are used to amortize the part where the heel rests thus raising the body’s posture.

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