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Dishwashers and glass washers for bars, hotels, restaurants presented by Comenda Ali Group

Comenda Ali Group has been operating in the sector of commercial dishwashers, commercial glass washers and utensil washers since the 1960s. The company's flagship products are:

  • Commercial dishwashers
  • Commercial glass washers
  • Commercial utensil washers

The company's washers are available as either a compact version for bars and pubs, or as large automated systems for restaurants, hospitals, canteens and the catering industry.

Comenda Ali Group designs and supplies commercial washing systems, suitable for any space and capable of satisfying any requirement.


Production of commercial dishwashers and glass washers

All of the products are the result of advanced research, elevated design and technical expertise combined with the aesthetic features of the machines exterior parts and construction details. They are extremely reliable and need minimum maintenance.
In addition, the dishwasher and glass washer components can be easily substituted and installed for easy access.

Particularly important is the low energy consumption of the company's machines, made possible by the commutation system applied to the washing and rinsing phases.

Comenda Ali Group has been developing environmentally-friendly solutions since 1992, in particular through its Eco2 system. There are good reasons to choose Eco2:

  1. water saving;
  2. low energy consumption;
  3. reduced use of chemicals;
  4. reduced management costs;
  5. right to state subsidies.

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