M.M.C. di Colombo
M.M.C. di Colombo

Via Aquileia, 27
21100 - Varese (VA) Italy

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Production of brass locks for cases from M.M.C.: high quality, guaranteed reliability and safety

M.M.C. works in the fashion sector with the creation and production of accessories for small leather goods, luggage and leashes since 1969.

In particular, the company is specialized in locks for bags, both women’s and men’s, suitcases, trunks and various containers for valuable objects.

Amongst the items and accessories for luggage, small leather goods, and leashes, M.M.C. di Colombo offers its customers: buckles, rings, locks, carabiners, locks, clothes hangers, hangers in brass and zamak. These items are, at times, also used in the clothing and footwear sectors.

Thanks to the experience of years of activity, and the professionalism of the company team, M.M.C. di Colombo is able to offer many models of brass closures for suitcases of high quality and design.

Closure with nacre effect

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The brass case locks are available in combination, key, magnet and other patented versions.

They are well known in both the Italian and international markets; in fact, today the company exports about 30% of its invoiced production.

In addition to its own collection, MMC develops and produces articles and locks based on customer’s designs. One of the characteristics that distinguishes this company it the direct contact with the client, in order to meet the needs of design and personalization.

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Following are a few examples of M.M.C.’s production.

Brass locks for bags, with combinations

Made in brass, with Italian style and design, these come in various shapes and sizes.

Brass accessories for suitcases and trunks

These are specific locks available in many models, all characterized by high precision and attention to detail.

Locks and button locks for suitcases and bags

the Tuk model is made of solid brass and intended for cases and bags; it is a valid alternative to classic magnetic metal closures

Made-to-order accessories for small leather goods

In addition to the articles in its catalogue, MMC also makes accessories to order; these are created on the basis of individual needs for unique, inimitable objects.

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