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The professional makeup products from Cazcarra are available in many colours

Creative, versatile, and efficient products for face, eyes, and lips for specialized, quality makeup

Cazcarra is a school for aestheticians offering a high level of training to anyone wanting to achieve success as an imagine consultant. The success of this school led to the creation of the Cazcarra Group, a group of professionals able to give technical answers to the need for specialized professional makeup and to offer high quality products.

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The products for professional makeup for face, eyes, and lips are distinguished for their efficiency and quality. These are creative, versatile, and reliable products. They come in a wide range of colours to adapt to every need. Cazcarra offers: foundation, lipstick, shadows, eye pencils and lips pencils.

Cazcarra’s products are the result of continuous research and analysis by a team of professionals and marketing experts specialized in the needs of professional makeup artists and their clients.

They are high quality products that respect and care for the skin long-lasting makeup that reducing the need for corrections to a minimum. Special items to make the skin healthier, more luminous, moisturized and well maintained.

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Secondary School for Personal Image:

Cazcarra offers high-level training for those who wish to triumph as image consultants and other professional studies in the field of aesthetics and beauty. The services offered by the Cazcarra centre and high quality, as are their cosmetics.

The Cazcarra School is a leader in the training of professional makeup artists for the world of film, theatre, television, and advertising.

A Fin company since 1985, the year of its founding, Cazcarra Image Group has focused on personal image care, intended as the development of psycho-physical well being.

The Secondary School of Personal Image has trained more than 23.000 professionals in various sectors of the beauty field. The success of this school has led to the creation of Cazcarra cosmetics, the result of lengthy experience marked by many studied on quality and experimentation.

Make up products

Cazcarra is committed to the development and distribution of two lines of products:
- TEN IMAGE: Line dedicated to professional makeup, skin care for the face and body, hands and feet
- MAKE-UP SEGRETi FX: makeup line for special effects

Our long experience in the sector has taught us what works and what pleases in the world of image making. Our team of marketing and cosmetics experts is constantly at work studying the needs of the professional and his or her clients. The result is the development of new products that have already entered the professional market.

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