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Volcanic lapilli: mineral extraction and production substrates for building and road construction industry eco-friendly environment

Cava Lapillo e Pozzolana specializes not only in quarrying and processing volcanic aggregates, but also in producing mineral substrates.

Volcanic aggregates are effusive and natural magmatic mineral products of the Pleistocene epoch. 

Volcanic lapilliThese materials feature a wide surface with honeycomb shape and open cells (40-60% porousness), neutral pH and HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE (over 1000 c°). In addition to the above, volcanic aggregates are chemically inert, insoluble, non-toxic and free from crystalline silica.
Volcanic aggregates are also non comburent, feature HIGH INSULATION CAPACITY (0.16 W/M2°K) are odourless and frost-proof.

Hanging gardens

Free from clayey minerals, these  materials are not subjected to plasticization processes which are due to the presence of minerals that swell when added to water (Montmorillonite, Lite, Kaolinite).
These materials are reddish and feature a DRY BULK DENSITY OF 800 KG/MC.

Volcanic aggregates: how to use it

Thanks to the afore mentioned physical-chemical characteristics, volcanic aggregates can be used in several industrial sectors like, for example, the building industry, the street building sector, the nursery & garden industry and the environmental sector.

  • Volcanic aggregates
  • Production of mineral substrates
  • Production of mineral soil
  • Volcanic aggregates for roof gardens
  • Mineral substrates special for roof gardens, sports grounds made of soil and artificial grass and green parking lots
  • Ornamental stones
  • Mechanically stabilized earth walls

Several research centres are currently undertaking important research works on the possibility to use  volcanic aggregates for solving important problems.

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