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Mixing wagons are the core business of Italmix Srl: a complete range of products to satisfy every need

Mixer driven

Since 1995, Italmix Srl has produced vertical and horizontal mixing wagons.

The company was founded in collaboration with Marmix, from which it later split. Beginning in 2008 it underwent production, organizational, and corporate changes. In the same year it acquired the Gilioli brand, a leader in the production of mixing wagons.

In 2009, changes within the company and the entry of new partners led to production innovation: the product range was therefore transformed into a line of machines characterized by technological innovation and design with the Matrix brand.

Construction quality, modern lines, and particular attention to technical and design aspects characterize the mixing wagons in this line. They are avant-garde machines, highly valued on the market.  

The mixing wagons: complete and high quality

Self-propelled mixer

Thanks to years of experience, and to the use of optimal materials and innovative technology, the range of mixing wagons from Italmix can boast optimal quality and strength.

A complete range of models suitable for all needs: self-propelling, towed, and stationary: the highest quality possible on the Italian, European, and international markets.

Italmix, to assist its clients, offers a series of new and used models.

The Italmix group

The Italmix group includes three brands: Italmix, Gilioli and Matrix. With these three brands, it is able to satisfy all of its clients’ needs, with a complete range of mixing wagons, straw shredders, storage machines, and biogas and compost mixers. 

In continual evolution and growth, Italmix is always attentive to market requests and to its client’s needs, and always keeping pace with the continual changes in the zootechnical world.

Download Technical Datasheet:
- Desilmix/Mixer/Condor Gilioli
- Jet&Jet Power Matrix
Radon&Radon Jumbo Matrix

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