Camper WC Wash by Sela Cars
Camper WC Wash by Sela Cars

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The RV dump station equipment are tested and made by Camper WC Wash by Sela Cars using robust materials

Camper WC Wash by Sela Cars is a line of products dedicated to the disposal of wastewater  from the holding  tanks of recreational  vehicles in general and tourist coaches.

Camper WC Wash

In particular, the products by Camper WC Wash presented at the Salone del Camper in Parma are specifically designed to resolve problems pertaining to hygiene and safety, and are also easy to use. They are extremely simple to install, with minimal running and maintenance costs.

The RV dump station equipment, equipment for rest areas and the pitches are made using tough materials; extremely elegant in design, as far as production is concerned they are artisan. Each piece of equipment is purpose-built and properly tested.

Camper WC Wash offers a careful after-sales service, thanks to its widespread presence on Italian territory, and offers a consultancy service to determine the best equipment that best meets the needs of customers. Not least is the ability to develop projects for RV dump areas and rest areas.

The RV dump station equipment is present all over Italy and can be installed in public parking areas, private parking areas, storage areas, campsites, picnic areas, car washes, fairs and motorway service areas.

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The company's products comply with all standards imposed by the company Autostrade S.p.A. and by the major oil companies.  Furthermore, they also comply with EU directives and bear the relative marking.


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Box discharge columns

Can be integrated or not integrated, depending on whether its function is just to wash or it contains the sink and rubber roller for the water.  It can be started manually, mechanically, manual push-button, photocell of automatic coin-operated thanks to payment systems.
The box discharge columns, made of stainless steel AISI 304, can also be equipped with taps for washing hands, nozzles to manually clean the wells which are associated with pistol dispensers for drinking water supply.
These are also equipped with an ICE frost-free system, so that they can be used at low temperatures.
For extractable boxes there are economic columns with the entrance semi-opened or columns built with a door that opens and closes. They come with operating instructions in Italian and English.

Water supply columns for campers

These are easy to use specific columns: they can be equipped with an automatic retractable hose. They are made with very high quality materials and are always hygienic to use.  

Columns for electricity supply

This is special equipment designed for campsites and parking areas that allows campers to recharge the batteries in their vehicles and use the power supply of the camp site, upon payment. It is made of HDPE polymer/ADT anti-UV or stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L.
They can be equipped with 6 or 8 power outlets in accordance with CE standards.

Sink waste

This equipment is designed to avoid contact with potentially dirty surfaces using a convenient foot pedal or photocell to operate. Thanks to their shape, there are no sewage spills and foreign bodies cannot be inserted as waste. They can therefore be used continuously and require less maintenance. Each sink has a faucet to rinse the  boxes and inner perimeter insulation. Can be equipped with ICE system and payment systems. 
To facilitate the use the instructions are in Italian and English.

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