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Footwear studs Stil Group Scarl: top quality, many finishes and models

Stil Group Scarl specializes in the production of footwear studs.

Footwear studs

The company's products are the result of automated technology which ensures top quality, precision and quick delivery.

The footwear studs, also called hobnails and nails, are available in a number of finishes and models to suit all needs. The company's range includes loose hobnails and studs inserted into a plastic band.

The footwear studs come in flat-head, round-head and mixed version, while they are particularly suitable for use with clogs.

The finishes available are as follows:

finishes available


New finishes Stil Group

The loose studs are packaged in cartons, bags and small boxes, each containing 1000 pieces. They are custom-made.

Stil Group production

In addition, Stil Group produces steel, rubber and plastic nails for chairs.
Stil Group also proposes nail guns.

The following is a brief summary of the Stil Group products:

  • Hobnails and nails for shoes, furniture, upholstery
  • Studs for clogs, footwear
  • Nails for chairs
  • Nail guns for shoes, furniture, upholstery
  • Nail guns for footwear, furniture, upholstery

Some examples:




Footware studs

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