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Dog biscuits with no preservatives and colouring agents presented by Due Erre di Rocchetta

Dog biscuitsDog biscuits and oven baked dog biscuits with no colouring agents and preservatives

At the end of 1984, after thirty years of experience of baking bread for human consumption, Giovanni Rocchetta and his wife Roberta decided to focus on a different end user and began to produce dog biscuits and oven baked dog biscuits.

The original business of producing and selling bread and baked goods was thus transformed and, in 1985, the bakery located in Sasso Marconi, Bologna, became Due Erre, specialising in the production of oven baked dog biscuits. 

All dog biscuits are prepared without the use of colourings or preservatives.

The BOOBY dog biscuits are in fact designed to make dogs "lick their lips" and are available in the natural variety as well as in versions with vegetables, apple, tuna, meat, cocoa, milk, cheese, milk and cocoa, prosciutto, turkey and with tortellini stuffing. Light dog biscuits are also available. The traditional dog biscuits are available as: 400g boxes, 400g bags, 1kg bags, 5kg bags and in bulk (15kg).

As well as dog biscuits, Due Erre's range includes Christmas and Easter gift packs, dehydrated vegetables and chicken dog treats.

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